FreeBSD, Lisp, Emacs, PostgreSQL & co.



I currently work for a large retail chain company in Norway as Engineering Manager, working with a happy bunch of brilliant people from all around the world, working hard to meet their own very high standards in developing the ideal backend and frontend platfom. In the past, I have worked as some kind of a Technical Manager for a very large company, which meant my daily routine used to mix defining, planning and applying Big Processes and advising on technical activities. Before that, I've been a Software Maintenance Manager, a start-up developer, a corporate developer, I ran a magazine devoted to teaching programming… On this website, I talk about OSes, code and anything that makes computing fun again, as well as photography, creative writing and any other thing I might find worth talking about!

I have a GitHub account which I used to have a love/hate relationship with, and now simply have stopped using for personal stuff. I run my own server, which includes my own, private forest of repositories.

These pages are created using the following:

For the website, I shamelessly stole the CSS from Nicolas Petton's website, and tweaked it a little bit.

Oh, and about the name: I love them, I love him, and I love horrible puns.

Version: 3.1.2
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